2 Site Improvement Strategies to Start Your SEO Off Right

2 Site Improvement Strategies to Start Your SEO Off Right
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There’s absolutely no denying the importance of SEO. Website optimization for search engine ranking and placement has become a 21st century art form and while most of the industry is fairly well-versed on the basics of SEO requirements, there are a couple of factors within the ranking algorithm that many providers are overlooking.

Tweaking a website’s word counts along with keyword and call to action (CTA) placement are definitely important of course, but they’re only a small part of the bigger picture. First and foremost, the overall content has to “serve a purpose.” In other words, the website’s content is ranked by its relevance to what the audience searched for.

You know all of this of course. You’ve likely heard about the importance of content, keywords, etc. Your organization has spent countless hours studying the ins and outs of SEO algorithms and/or learning by trial and error exactly what it takes to make a website “stand out.” However, if the following two areas are not properly evaluated, optimized and perfected, all of your hard work could be for naught.

Going Meta

While content is the number one priority for your client websites, with “content” encompassing products/services/images/keywords/CTAs/etc, the technical side of things come in a very close second. Unfortunately, all too many organizations across the globe have overlooked the importance of meta tags.

Meta descriptions are necessary because they provide the opportunity to have that small snippet in the search results that lets consumers know a little more about the website and whether or not they are indeed the ones best suited to meet the searcher’s current needs. Utilizing templates may seem like a time-saving endeavor, but automation can quickly begin to appear “cookie cutter” and work against you.

Title pages are another area that have kind of gotten pushed to the wayside over the years. All too many websites will simply have “Page Title,” “Home Page” or some other generic page title in the meta data instead of taking the time to write unique entries for every page.

While in recent years meta descriptions and titles have not been considered as important as they used to be and therefore have often received little attention or been outright ignored, meta descriptions still play a significant role in on-page SEO.

In the recent debut of Google’s SEO Myth Busters, Webmaster Trends Analyst Martin Splitt said that after content “the second biggest thing is make sure that you have meta tags that describe your content.” Of course, this doesn’t mean that Google has definitively changed something in the algorithm and is now calculating meta description and title variances on a heavier level for SERP. However, if your organization is focusing on building a strong SEO presence, then meta descriptions and unique title pages must receive proper attention.

The meta description acts as “organic ad text” and everything from the character length to the format and even the words chosen are rather important for today’s merchants. Additionally, a compelling meta description has the ability to increase the click-through rate of the organic search results, meaning more traffic even if the SERP ranking remains the same.

The Need For Speed

Website performance has long been known to be a key factor for SEO, but unfortunately many companies and agencies alike have settled for “good enough” for far too long. Martin Splitt said that “Performance is fantastic, we’re talking about it constantly” and that they want to ensure that consumers that are “clicking on your pages are getting this content quickly.”

Unless the merchant has something exclusive or in high demand, potential customers are known to only wait mere seconds for a webpage to load before backtracking and searching for an alternative. With more and more consumers accessing websites on the go via their mobile devices, speed optimization is a factor that all business owners have to consider.

While Google has long said that speed is just one of the factors for website ranking, unless your website or client is a well known brand name or has inherently high visibility, the hosting speed does indeed weigh heavily.

This means that in order to effectively compete in the world of SEO and SERP, the mass majority of websites simply must include great performance and speed in their top requirements.

The Perfect Partner

Like we said, we’re well aware that many of you are likely considered experts when it comes to website SEO and content, and we’re definitely not saying that you’ve been doing anything “wrong.” The recent revelation by Martin Splitt regarding meta descriptions and titles simply hints at the array of factors that Google’s algorithm considers for ranking, and we can’t all be experts in every single area.

Multidots has spent a decade building a team of over 110 experienced designers, developers, QA specialists, project managers and product professionals who know their stuff inside out. We are well-versed in the subtle nuances and technical details of your client’s on-page meta data and we provide reliable, high-performance web development for clients all over the world.

As a partner with Multidots, you keep doing what you do best while we provide you with the extremely important backbone you and your clients can count on all day, every day. Speeding up site performance to the next level and beyond is one of our specialties, and together we can make a partnership that is beneficial for all and built to last.

That’s not all, if your organization needs more than just professional meta management and performance optimization we have an array of services we can partner on. We’ve built some of the largest and most complex custom web applications for clients across the globe and we have extremely high expertise in the development of experience-driven apps for iOS, Android, and hybrid platforms.

Contact us today and let’s discuss how we can help you expand your portfolio, turn your website into a speed machine, or help your website rise on the SERPs better than ever before.

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