Frequently Asked Questions

Technical & Process

  • Every project we deliver has to pass through our security checklist. During the security testing we make sure the following things:

    • Using the latest version of WordPress core and plugins.
    • Data escaping and to prevent cross-site scripting.
    • Data sanitization and validation to prevent CSRF and SQL injections.
    • We strictly comply with coding standards such as PHP_CodeSnifferWordPress-VIP-Minimum.
    • We utilize security plugins like WordFence & JetPack to protect websites from DDoS and malware attacks.
    • Apart from that, we have several other rules and standards like changing wp-admin URL, limiting the admin login attempts, implement two-factor authentication for admin, using strong passwords, using SSL, etc.
  • Yes, we do follow the Agile/Scrum methodology in medium to large scale projects. We have in house SCM certified resources to manage the processes. We do daily 10 minutes stand ups and follow bi-weekly progress reporting to map the project health.

  • Every project we deliver has to pass through our security checklist. During the security testing we make sure following things:

    1. Using latest version of WordPress Core and Plugins
    2. Data escaping and to prevent Cross site scripting
    3. Data sanitization and Validation to prevent CSRF and SQL injection
    4. Following the latest coding standards with WordPress VIP minium and tools like PHPCS to ensure the standards are followed
    5. Utilizing security plugins like WordFence for non-VIP webistes to protect site from DDos and Malware attack
    6. Other then this, we do have list of checklist that must be followed like changing wp-admin url, limiting the admin login attempts, implement two-factor authentication for admin, make sure usage of strong password, using SSL, regular database backup etc…
  • Timesheets are available on a daily/weekly basis for Staff-Aug (hiring full-time developers on a month-to-month basis) and Support Package models (buying a fixed set of hours valid for a certain amount of time) but for fixed price projects, we don’t have time-sheets available.

    • Multiple rounds of QA will ensure pixel-perfect design.
    • Once we have an internal-go we offer CAT (Customer Acceptance Testing) period where your team or customer team can test the website and if they find any issues, our team will fix them under a timely SLA.
    • Each website that we fully code and deliver comes with a 2-3 week warranty period after it goes live.
    • Pixel-Perfection-Matching is the part of our commitment hence issues related to that will be fixed for no additional charge and under timely SLA.
  • Below are a couple of examples:

    1. Shirt Designer Plugin: This plugin allows you to design a customized shirt based on many variations. The store admin can manage each variation from Admin backend. This project is a good example of next level WooCommerce Customization.
    2. YOA Press (Property listing solution): This is a WordPress solution which we built for a Canadian based client. It is a Plugin which is used to prepare smart shortcodes for property listing. The customer is using this on around 600 websites in a multisite environment. Example site:
    3. NABShow (MYS integration) – In Progress: NABShow is one of the biggest events happening in New York and Las Vegas each year. We are developing a plugin which will interact and sync all event related data to a WP website from the central website of Map Your Show.
    4. Mind of The Leader: This is a good example of Decoupled WordPress. We have built Ionic based mobile app and utilizing WordPress as a backend service. Users can register from a mobile app and can track their progress within the app. It is using a WPRest API to interact with WordPress.
  • Screen Resolutions (Pixels)
    375×667, 1024×768, 1,334×750, 768×1024, 1536×2048, 410×730, 1080×1920, 1440×2960, 1920×1080, 1920×1080

    Browser compatibility
    Google Chrome Version – 74.0.3729.131
    Mozilla Firefox Version – 66.0.5EDGE – 42.17134.1.0

    Mac OS
    Google Chrome – 74.0.3729.131
    Safari – 12.1 (14607.

  • Yes, for the majority of the projects we create we follow the Bootstrap Framework if the design files are compatible. If not we will create a custom development to avoid unnecessary CSS overloading.

  • For WordPress related features, we opt for popular/reliable plugins that match requirements for the project. In most scenarios we build our own solution by following best practices to provide the next level of performance with stability and security. One of the areas we pride ourselves on is speed and performance of websites that we build out and ensuring they are as lightweight as possible.

  • For a fixed price project, the Project Manager will be the POC.
    For the Staff-Aug model, Account Manager/Hired Developers will be the direct POC.
    Note: We allow all our Agency/B2B clients to talk to any team members at any-point of time who are assigned on their projects.

  • 35 Backend Developers (Web, WordPress and Mobile and Integration Developers)
    15 Front-end Developers (HTML, CSS, React, Angular, JavaScript)
    12 QA Engineers

  • Yes, 50% of our team has experience working with Angular and React. In fact, we have good expertise with the New Gutenberg Block Editor, which is built on top of React. Many projects we have been doing for clients over the course of the past 12 months have required us to build custom blocks for Gutenberg based on our clients specific needs.

  • Yes, we follow WordPress-VIP-Coding standards where code commenting is one of the mandatory rules.

  • We have good experience working with Sass. In lots of projects, we have implemented Sass framework.

  • We use Github Private repositories to manage code. On Github, we follow the standard branch structure as follows:

    1. Master = production
    2. Development = staging
    3. feature- for each unique feature
    4. hotfix- for each quick fix
  • 80% of our team knows WordPress and are very good at that. Being a WordPress VIP Agency partner, WordPress is the core expertise of our team. Many of our WordPress developers are the core contributor to WordPress, speaks at variety of local and international WordCamps and WordPress based events and conferences. Beside WordPress, we also have other expertise like – Drupal, Joomla, Shopify that we engage and involve based on the requirement.

  • For WordPress projects, we follow our own boilerplate structures for theme or plugin projects, which follows the standards suggested by WordPress.

  • Our standard process for a fixed-fee model is as below:

    1. Gather/Prepare Project Documentation (BRS/SRS)
    2. Internal Project Kickoff Meeting to understand Project scope
    3. External Kickoff Meeting with client (this can be your team if we are doing a white-label approach) and team
    4. Prepare and Share Project Development Plan – We divide the project into multiple milestones based on modules or sitemap pages and schedule the delivery milestone dates accordingly.
    5. Do Internal UAT for each milestone (on our QA Server)
    6. Do External UAT with the client for each milestone on our staging server (after receiving approval from QA team)
    7. Get approval from a client of CAT
    8. Perform Pre-Launch QA Checklist
    9. Prepare for launch
    10. Perform post-QA checklist
  • We have a strong process for verifying project requirements which also includes design specifications. We have all the team involved from the project kickoff meeting including Front-End Developers and QA. Before delivering to a client we run internal-UAT where our QA team check each aspect of the design specification. With multiple rounds of internal testing and attention to detail attitude of the team helps to ensure the design fidelity.

  • To ensure code quality, we follow many different standards for quality and performance.

    • W3C Validation with CSS Lint for HTML & CSS code
    • JSLint for Javascript code
    • We extensively use PHPStorm IDE with code check integrations. Besides, we have our GitHub repos, integrated with Travis for pre-hook commit check with PHPCS
  • Yes, we do have an in-house QA team (of 12 engineers) who focus on project quality. To test the design with exact pixels we take the help of our experienced QA who has a keen design eye. Also, we use online tools like “PerfectPixel” Google Chrome addon, BrowserStack for browser compatibility, online tools like CSSPrecise and Often times, we allocate one of our design team members to review the final webpage. We can accommodate any sort of QA sign up system that your team prefers to ensure that the quality flow is always up to par with your standards and help make it fast and efficient on your end before you present the work to the client for viewing.

Staff Augmentation


  • WordPress Multisite is a feature in WordPress that allows for the creation of a subsite network within a single WordPress installation.

  • This is a great option for businesses who want to take the advantage of multiple websites that showcase different aspects of their business. It makes sense when you need a network of sites that are related to one another in some way or form.

  • With WordPress Multisite, an admin can manage and control multiple websites from a single dashboard. What’s more, content can be pushed out across multiple sites at one go. Multiple websites can also share themes and plugins. This saves a lot of time and effort.  This is not a benefit you will get if you have two different WordPress installations (different WordPress websites).

  • The very fact that numerous websites are being run from just one hosting account means that it is affordable. Imagine a scenario wherein your business needs 50 websites to ensure its messaging reaches all its target audience? The expense incurred  will be immense if you are going to design and develop 50 websites with 50 hosting accounts! On the other hand, you have a network of subsites with one main website. This definitely makes more financial sense.

  • Yes, WordPress can perfectly satisfy your enterprise needs as it’s a very stable and ever evolving CMS with a plethora of advanced plugins that you can choose from. What’s more, WordPress can easily integrate with numerous business-critical platforms including CRM and ERP systems and even marketing automation platforms.

  • Irrespective of where your content is at, we have the expertise to migrate it to WordPress. So, whether it is in a MySQL or Oracle database, or an exported file or any other location, we have the expertise to migrate all your existing content to WordPress.

  • If you want to build a large-scale website, WordPress VIP is your answer. It is a WordPress hosting platform whose categorical objective is to host enterprise websites. It’s the right choice for extremely high traffic websites and which demand the next level of performance and security.

  • Enterprise grade WordPress solutions are built to deliver optimum performance and sport extremely dependable infrastructure empowered with cutting-edge functionality that can smoothly scale to meet the growing demands of large organizations.

    • Introduction/Discovery Meeting: The first step is to have an initial introduction meeting on the phone/zoom to know more about your business and project. Schedule a discovery meeting or submit the inquiry form here.
    • Proposal Presentation: The Multidots team will present you with a proposal that includes our understanding of the problem (scope of work/scope of engagement), solution, cost, timeline, and other terms.
    • Finalize the Contract: If you are happy and ready to engage with Multidots, we will formalize the contract by signing a Master Service Agreement (MSA) and other on-boarding formalities.
  • Our #wonderdots love open-source and WordPress. And we are very proud that our team at Multidots are regular contributors to WordPress, WooCommerce, BuddyPress and other open-source initiatives. This spirit of giving back not only makes us feel grateful but it also creates greatness within and around us.

    1. 89% of our team has contributed to core WordPress, WooCommerce, and BuddyPress releases.
    2. Multidots sponsors 7 contributors for a total of 28 hours per week for the “Five For The Future” initiative by WordPress.
    3. One of the lead organizers of do_action Ahmedabad – a charity hackathon to support charitable organizations in the local community.
    4. Multidots is one of the lead organizers of the Ahmedabad WordCamp and Meetup group.
    5. We have sponsored several WordCamps around the world.
    6. Multidots team regularly attend and speak at global WordPress events.
  • Having a clear and detailed scope of work that includes – outline, key features, work-flow, wire-frames, and other key information is highly recommended. But don’t worry, we have a team of solution analysts who are trained and expert to help you out with scope-of-work documents. You can hire them to save your time on an hourly basis.

  • The introduction/discovery meetings help us to under your business and needs. The better we know your business better we will be able to help. There are few key things that we will ask during these discovery/introduction meetings and would appreciate if you have this information already to hands-on for the meeting.

    1. About Business – Team size, competitors, locations of operations, customers and market that you serve, number of media/web-properties that you own/manage, financial and operational KPIs, etc.
    2. About the Project/Idea/Problem – Scope of work document, tentative budget, launch/completion timeline, references/competitors.
  • Yes, we offer white-label services with 100% confidentiality.

    1. Sneaker News
    2. Nitrolicious
    3. Minilicious
    1. MIT
    2. Kennedy Krieger
    3. All Start Directories
    1. Sneaker News
    2. Nitrolicious
    3. All Star Directories
    1. 11+ years of experience in web development and WordPress development.
    2. One of the WordPress VIP Partner Agency.
    3. 110+ globally distributed team available around-the-clock.
    4. Experience working with small startup to large enterprise – Accenture, MIT, Jumeirah, National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), Sneaker News.
    5. Core contributor to WordPress and variety of different open-source initiative and events.
    6. Active and proud members of variety of different industry associations and chamber of commerce.
  • Yes, we have a team based in California, Virginia and DC area and are available to talk at 646-586-5500.

  • We provide 1 to 3 months of free support based on the nature and size of the project. After free support, we have separate retainer and maintenance service that will provide ongoing hassle free support that will bring peace of mind after the website launch.

    1. Introduction/Discovery Meeting: The first step is to have an initial introduction meeting on phone/zoom to know more about your business and project.
    2. Proposal Presentation: Multidots team will present you a proposal that includes our understanding of the problem (scope of work/scope of engagement), solution, cost, time-line and other terms.
    3. Finalize the Contract: If you are happy and ready to engage with Multidots, we will formalize the contract by signing a Master Service Agreement (MSA) and other on-boarding formalities.
  • Project Managers and Account Managers are will be the point of contact. Our Project Managers and Account Managers are available in USA and India. And all our project managers are comfortable to speak and available through Slack/Zoom/Phone based on your time and conveniences.

  • Our US team work-hours are Mon-Fri 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific Time/Easter Time and India team work hours are from Mon-Fri 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM India Standard Time. We are happy to accommodate and ensure that we have a few hours of overlap from our development team members during the time frame that works most convenient for you.

  • We provide 3-hour free consultation with domain expert. You can utilize this free consulting hours to brain storm your idea/problem, refine the requirements, discuss the possible solutions and approach. You can schedule the meeting with the domain expert here.

  • We use variety of different payment methods based on your preference and place you are in. We offer Wire Transfer, Stripe, PayPal and TransferWise for our Global clients. For our US based clients we also offer Cheque and ACH as additional means of payment.