Hire WordPress Developer 

Improve Scalability and Process Efficiency

Technical project managers working with creative and branding agencies, WordPress product development companies and WordPress service agencies know how hard it is to maintain operational efficiency and work within overwhelming time constraints. Many a time unpredictability of the pipeline demands a rapid scaling up or down of the development process and they must ensure developers always keep ahead of the curve from the technical perspective.  At Multidots we are focused on helping technical project managers maintain ideal team strength by hiring WordPress developers remotely. We give them much-needed flexibility to manage team strength as per project requirements and also ensure they are working with developers who are WordPress experts and who can work as individual contributors.

The mission-critical objective of agency COOs and owners is ensuring the profitability of the agency, which is driven by process efficiency and maintaining high ROI. Their core challenge is to scale development processes and keep costs in control. By hiring dedicated WordPress developers from Multidots, you cut down on your infrastructure overheads and ‘internal employee costs’ and still work with the best developers in business. This gives you much needed flexibility to optimally manage business operations and affordably scale your business to meet strategic growth objectives.

WordPress VIP Agency Partner

We are one of only a dozen agencies selected
as an official WordPress VIP Agency Partner. Our participation in this highly-competitive program gives our customers with WordPress projects access to support, features and functionality that other agencies simply cannot provide.

Our WordPress Expertise

User-Centered Designs

Our WordPress developers create UI/UX that drives better customer engagement and which helps WordPress websites stand out from the crowd.

Custom Integration

Our WordPress experts add new functionalities to WordPress websites integrating them with a variety of third-party platforms and services.

Custom Theme Design

Want a custom theme? We craft tailormade WordPress themes based on your designs or create our own stunning designs, in multiple formats.


Seamless Migration

We successfully migrate existing websites to WordPress, with minimal downtime – ensuring business continuity and not impacting productivity.

Code Review & Security

We follow industry best practices to meet demanding testing and quality standards for WordPress projects – code accuracy ensures perfection.


Performance & Optimization

Hire WordPress developers who understand the importance of website performance and ensure all code, database, images etc. are optimized.

Multidots team were strong communicators and working to the highest standards at all times. They were the perfect partner to expand our team and increase our development capabilities, fitting seamlessly into our existing technical team and providing an excellent, cost-effective solutions.

The Multidots Advantage

  1. Handpicked team of WordPress Specialists
    Augment your team with a carefully screened team of WordPress experts who invest time in contributing to the WordPress Core. Our experts have cut their teeth on very challenging WordPress projects and have worked as an extended team for branding agencies, services agencies and WordPress development companies and fuelled their growth efforts.
  2. Hire WordPress Developers Who are Self-Driven
    Worried about managing yet another team member/s that you add to your development team? Don’t be, because our WordPress developers can work alone as individual contributors, and keep contributing to the project even when you are not overseeing their work. Our WordPress experts have a proven ability to work alone and still deliver the results you expect.
  3. Seamless Communication
    One of the mental barriers you might have towards team extension and that too one that doesn’t work in your time zone is communication. With Multidots, your dedicated WordPress developer is available at your time and you can contact your extended team through diverse channels like Skype, Slack or your project management software.
  4. Capacity Building Without Impacting Bottom Line
    We offer a flexible engagement model that doesn’t put pressure on your overheads and delivers sustainable ROI. Hire dedicated WordPress developers as per your need at a given point of time. If you think you have a slew of WordPress projects lined up for the quarter, hire more developers; and cut down on the team size in lean season.
  5. The Shared Vision Advantage
    We understand you already have a great work environment, a well-entrenched development process and a deep-seated company culture. We invest time in understanding your processes, work culture and even your long-term business strategy. This ensures our developers don’t think and act like your extended team, but your in-house team.

What Separates Us from the Competition?

A WordPress VIP Agency

With proven ability to migrate your website to VIP infrastructure and ensure your website experiences all the benefits of this move.

87% Repeat Customers

Trust Multidots for the quality of its WordPress services and this is illustrated by them choosing to use our services again and again.

Top 1% in Clutch Ranking

of high performance B2B companies based on client reviews, the company’s market presence and industry leadership.

200+ WordPress Websites

Launched with 100% precision and with a core focus on meeting stringent WordPress VIP standards to ensure clients benefit from high ROI.

100+ Global Clientele

Use our comprehensive WordPress expertise to address their WordPress challenges in a manner that is comprehensive and quality-focused.

89% of Team is a WP Contributor

To make a sincere and sustained effort to improve WordPress and make it more accessible and beneficial for the users at large.

WordPress Developer Rates

Level-1 Developer
  • Has basic knowledge of WordPress and have a firm grasp of platform internals (PHP, MYSQL, NGINX)
  • Has basic error handling skills and knows proper naming conventions and comment their code
  • Experienced with using version control systems like Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket and their workflows
  • Active participant at local WP meetups & events
Level-2 Developer
  • Has intermediate knowledge of WordPress and WordPress Integration with Gutenberg Editor
  • Has knowledge of WP Platform and leverage them for faster development
  • Experienced with using version control systems like Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket and their workflows
  • Active contribution towards WP community
Level-3 Developer
  • Has proficient level WordPress skills and WP/WooComerce Plugin Customization WP/WooCommerce Theme Customization
  • Has hands on experience of code customization and feature enhancement
  • Experienced with using version control systems like Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket and their workflows
  • Active contribution towards WP version release
Level-4 Developer
  • Has expert Front end, WordPress Skills,Custom WP/WooCommerce Development along with Unit testing capability
  • Has consistently contributes towards technological aspects track towards achieve Client’s business objective
  • Experienced with using version control systems like Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket and their workflows
  • Active Core contributor and WP Speaker

Hiring WordPress Developer Process


Why do you want to hire WordPress experts? Yes, this is the question we ask you, when you get in touch. We learn more about your business, its short-term goals, long-term strategy, and get as much information as we can. The idea is to develop a comprehensive understanding of your business and the current work process, to identify all development lacunae.

The Roadmap

Tech team discussions progress to identify a clear tech roadmap that will help your agency/development company achieve its WordPress development goals. You now know how our developers can help your company navigate WordPress complexities quickly and effectively. We also identify a hiring plan (engagement model) that perfectly addresses your requirements.

Team Identification – Internal

We go through our team and its expertise and take a close hard look at their knowledge base, skillsets and the WordPress projects they have worked on, to find talent that matches your needs. We handpick members of your extensible team and you can then interview them to confirm their expertise, their ability and compatibility with your business needs.

Team Onboarding

Your extended team members must be able to easily work with your existing team and adjust smoothly with the prevalent work culture and processes. If they don’t blend in with your existing processes, it might result in poor efficiency and productivity. This requires time and we focus on ensuring that the onboarding process is free from any conflict.

The Kick-Off

No prizes for guessing that the association of our developers with your agency/services company begins now. The fact that efforts have been made to ensure the team fits perfectly within your existing work culture and prevalent work processes, means the association will deliver high ROI. Your quest to hire WordPress developers from Multidots ends here.

Hire WordPress Developer – Benefits


Hire a WordPress developer if you want to avoid the regular and at times increasing infrastructure costs that are a prerequisite for high-quality WordPress development.

Hiring a dedicated WordPress developer also helps your in-house team focus on new projects, while the older long-running projects can be handled by your remote WordPress developer team.

Hiring a dedicated WordPress developer makes great business sense if your business is facing continuous attrition.

If a newer project demands advanced expertise, and you do not want to invest in learning development of your team, your dedicated expert WordPress developer can handle this project.

Staff hiring takes time and if you want to scale fast, hire a WordPress developer to save time and effort.

Hire dedicated WordPress developers to take advantage of flexible engagement models that meet your budgetary requirements and don’t add to overheads.


  • Every project we deliver has to pass through our security checklist. During the security testing we make sure the following things:

    • Using the latest version of WordPress core and plugins.
    • Data escaping and to prevent cross-site scripting.
    • Data sanitization and validation to prevent CSRF and SQL injections.
    • We strictly comply with coding standards such as PHP_CodeSnifferWordPress-VIP-Minimum.
    • We utilize security plugins like WordFence & JetPack to protect websites from DDoS and malware attacks.
    • Apart from that, we have several other rules and standards like changing wp-admin URL, limiting the admin login attempts, implement two-factor authentication for admin, using strong passwords, using SSL, etc.
    • Our staff-augmentation model is 100% white-label
    • We provide (3-4) hours developer availability in your preferred time-zone
    • You will be able to directly communicate with the developers on slack, zoom, or email on a daily basis
    • There will be a one-week free induction time to get the selected developers familiar with your process and culture
    • We also offer a one-month trial, and due to any reason, if you are not happy with the developers assigned to you, then we do a free replacement. If you are not satisfied with the replacement, we give a full refund
    • We have USA based account managers for easy communication and coordination
  • We have WordPress certified developers who closely work with WordPress VIP’s engineering team and the code quality strictly audited by them. This enables us to maintain and improve code quality day by day.  Our developers also contribute regularly to WordPress releases. To ensure code quality, we follow coding standards for each technology:

    • PHP_CodeSniffer for PHP code
    • WordPress-VIP-Minimum for WordPress code
    • W3C Validation with CSS Lint for HTML & CSS code
    • JSLint for Javascript code
    • WordPress Coding Standard 
    • We extensively use PHPStorm IDE with code check integrations. Besides, we have our GitHub repos, integrated with Travis for pre-hook commit check with PHPCS
  • Yes, based on your needs, we can make our developers be available at your preferred time-zone.

  • To ensure code quality, we follow many different standards for quality and performance.

    • W3C Validation with CSS Lint for HTML & CSS code
    • JSLint for Javascript code
    • We extensively use PHPStorm IDE with code check integrations. Besides, we have our GitHub repos, integrated with Travis for pre-hook commit check with PHPCS

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