Same Team, New Location – How A Change Of Venue Can Be Positive For Your Business

Same Team, New Location – How A Change Of Venue Can Be Positive For Your Business
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MULTIDOTS just shifted to a new office location; a bigger, brighter and better place to work in. So in last few days at the new location, we found it interesting to mull over how this has positively affected our way of working and our business.

Everyone dreads moving. It’s disruptive, it’s boring and it can be expensive. However, when it comes to moving your business, the change of venue can be a positive thing. Here are some reasons why choosing a new location can give your company a new lease of life.

De-cluttering your work space

This is a really good chance for you, and your colleagues, to finally sort out your clutter. Everyone is guilty of keeping some rubbish in their office ‘just in case’ and a move often forces you to finally throw things into the bin or an archive file. Follow some simple de-cluttering tips, be honest about what you do and don’t use on a daily basis, and try to minimize the amount of personal trinkets in your workspace. It’ll then be easier to unpack at your new location, and you’ll feel like you’ve made a fresh start.

Challenging the status quo

Companies that have been running a while often get very stuck in their ways. They may insist on using old systems, out-of-date technology or inefficient procedures because ‘that’s just the way things are done’. Moving to a new location challenges a lot of these things, because in some ways it feels like starting a business from scratch. Now is the time when many companies review how their business is running. They may start an employment search for additional employees or finally get around to replacing their old IT systems. It’s also a time when bosses are most likely to be receptive to your ideas for change, so start thinking about how things can be done better in your new office. Whether it’s a change to the people, departments or policies at work, be prepared with some suggestions, and make sure you offer facts and figures to back yourself up if possible.

Defusing office politics

Every work environment has people who don’t get along, those who chat too much and colleagues who have formed cliques. This is your chance to identify people who are under-performing because of personal issues, and perhaps break them up. Although we all have to grit our teeth and work with people we don’t like at times, it can be very destructive to the work environment if two people are constantly sniping at each other. On the other hand, there’s nothing worse than working with two best pals who won’t shut up all day. Why not mix it up a little? Have teams who don’t know each other well working in the same area. It’s risky, but it could lead to some interesting new ideas being generated. It may even be a good time to look at the hierarchy and have a think about moving departments round, consider whether people are communicating effectively and whether your workflow is as efficient as it could be.

Is a change as good as a rest?

Well, that’s the cliché, but there might actually be some truth in it. Even doing something like taking a different route to work can actually stimulate your brain, and being out of your comfort zone will make your old career feel like a whole new one. If you have felt like you’ve been cruising through your job for a while, your move may open up exciting new opportunities and give you a new lease of life. Although the transitional period may feel stressful, it’ll ultimately be good for you to try something new.

New area = new market

Your company may be doing well with just a few customers, or perhaps you feel like you’ve exhausted the market in your area. Moving to a new location means new networking opportunities and perhaps new clients. Sending out your change of address cards is also a great excuse to remind clients that you exist, and perhaps let them know about all the exciting new changes your firm is going through. It also creates a good impression of your company, that you’re willing to expand and try new things.

Although a change of location can seem stressful, for some businesses it brings a new lease of life and can be a great excuse to overhaul a lot of things you dislike about your current set-up. Be open to new challenges and you may find it’s the boost your company really needs.

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