The proud of Multidots – Savan Koradia!

The proud of Multidots – Savan Koradia!
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“It is not said but it can be said for IT industries that 1 Best Resource = Millions of PROUD.”

Yes!! We are very glad and proud of one of our team members Savan Koradia – Sr. Web Developer in PHP at Multidots. He has been the very talented and sincere developer and we have been very blessed to be a part of Multidots. But now he went a step ahead and has made his contribution in open source community and created a moment of proud at Multidots. He was invited by “Open Source for You” magazine to write for “Developer Column” in their magazine. Savan wrote an article on “Writing Better jQuery Code for your project” which is now published in the issue of Aug-2014 – Open Source For You.

His Article teaches on how you can make your code very effective by applying new coding style methods and he has shown this in the Article by giving useful examples of old method and new method. He mainly focuses in how to build effective code with improved code quality. You can view and read the images of his article and learn something new.

We truly and utterly admire his talent, knowledge and thoughts on his sharing of the knowledge. We congratulate him for his great achievement and wish to be the witness of many such achievements.

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